Friday, August 30, 2013

Update on Chicken Tortilla Soup Made in the Crock Pot

Update from making this dish from a previous post. You can see the recipe here. This dish turned out really well. It was a bit spicy for me but my husband said it was still okay and he enjoyed it. I mixed in a bit of non fat Greek yogurt as my sour cream substitute for my bowl and it was really good like that. I also prefer to scoop it up with the corn chips rather then crush them over the top of the soup. I don't like soggy chips and this is thick soup, more like stew so easy to scoop up.

I have a big container of leftovers of this dish. It will be a good lunch snack for this weekend or something once I get more chips. Ran out! Bought the chips for this dish but enjoy snacking on chips and salsa too much to make them last! Oh well.

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