Friday, August 30, 2013

Raw Berry Pie! it is The BEST

Okay, so I finally have all my miscellaneous berries in my freezer to make my favorite! Raw Berry Pie. This pie is super good and thanks to my very good friend, I have the recipe and have been making it ever since.

Anyone with a food processor can make this pie, you can make it without one as well but should go the traditional baked crust route then.

I usually make two at a time since I like to share.....sometimes.

There is one strange ingredient that I always get at the local Coop, psyllium husk powder.  You can find information about this online if you are not familiar with it yet, here is a quick link for you. It helps hold the berry filling together. You only need 1 tablespoon of it. I can purchase it from bulk foods section and only get a tiny bag of it. It is usually less than $2 and I can use the same bag for a whole year.

Raw Berry Pie Prep Time: 15min Cook Time: NONE! Let set up in the fridge for a few hours then enjoy! Clean up:10min, you only have to clean the food processor once after both the crust and berries are done. Its a bit sticky because of the honey but not too bad.

1 cup of cashews
1 cup of walnuts
1 cup of  pecans (I don't use almonds because they tend to get stuck in the food processor because they are too hard)
1 cup of pitted dates (some say you can also use raisins but I don't like them)
1/4 cup of honey
A bit of salt

4-6 pints of your favorite berries, I use a mix of blueberries, strawberries and blackberries (you can use 3 pints instead but no one usually minds eating the extra filling while their pie firms up in the fridge) If you use frozen berries they need to thaw out before using! Plan ahead. I sometimes forget and then my pie is done the next day.
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 cup of figs (I sometimes skip these because of their seeds and use dates instead)
1 Tablespoon of psyllium hust powder
A bit of salt

To make crust: Chop nuts in the food processor. Add dates, honey, and salt. Blend to sticky dough, Press into 9-10 inch non-metal pie pan
Step 3
Place all but 1 C berries in the food processor. Mix until blended along with honey, psyllium husk powder and figs or dates. Place the saved 1 cup of berries directly into the pie and then pour over the whole berries the mix from the food processor. Refrigerate or partially freeze before serving. 


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