Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spanish paella, pronounced, pie-eh-ah.

Went to an aunt and uncles for dinner last night. Family dinner nights are great. Super good! It was a great mix of flavors. Chicken, chorizo and seafood galore! My husband and I really like Paella!

I will post a recipe up here soon when I make it. My Aunt took a book out of the library that was filled with all Paella recipes. I will try the same here and make some in about a week, since we just had some.

What was most enjoyable was the appetizers and dessert as well. To stick with the Spanish theme we had: bread, cheese, almond oil for dipping, almonds, and hot and cool peppers fried up in a pan.

What was a great idea is to have out of a small bowl of peppers a few hotter ones mixed in with the cool ones. They all look the same but can be a surprise roulette game with your friends or family. I got the hot one but it wasn't too bad. Just like a bit of a burn on the tip of my tongue. I want to play again!

For dessert we had fresh picked blackberries and nectarine crisp. Super good and a scoopful of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Now I am going to be searching for my recipes ideas for this next week before going grocery shopping.

Fun stuff. I'll write up a short post on what the plan is for meals this week. Trying something new. I hope you all try Paella sometime.

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