Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rainy Days Food

Where I live, it has been raining the past few days but it is also warm and humid outside. I cannot escape from it because no one really has air conditioning here except for stores/movie theaters. We like to call these days "muggy".

What do you make for dinner on warm damp muggy days? You feel gross and sticky and warm and uncomfortable. But, it costs more then pennies to go out to eat. Some would like to run to and eat at their favorite sushi place that also has air conditioning (I raise my hand at that idea). But, what if you wanted to stay home for various reasons and eat in the comforts of your own home. Throw on the pj's and lets cook something good!

This is a great time to break out your best microwave cooking or grill outside.

I will update later tonight with what I ended up making. What is your favorite dish to cook on hot days for dinner?


So, we ended up just having grilled cheese made on the stove with leftover creamy tomato basil soup and canned pineapple chunks with green grapes. Actually very refreshing, tasty, and nice on a warm humid night.

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