Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kayaking late equals subway dinner

So, I didn't make any dinner last night. Though to make up for it, I am cooking the Cornish Game Hens tonight! Wish me luck on my first try.

I went kayaking with some coworkers and friends late last night after work. It was my first time and it was a lot of fun. My shoulders, particularly my left was a bit sore last night afterwards but now that I am running around at work today I don't feel it anymore. We did kayak on a lake and not the ocean. I would do it again, we paddled for a long time and my tummy was all grumbly for snack time. We didn't bring snacks! Next time I will bring snacks with us. Something that is still good even if it gets wet. My shorts were soaked, though I did bring a towel so I could stay warm after we got out of the kayaks. Everyone else wore swimsuits with little skirts on them. Super cute! I will need to get one of those for next summer.

I will update how making the Hens goes tonight. I think I need to buy a lemon though. One of the recipe's I read said to put a cut up lemon inside while they cook to help keep them moist and flavorful.

I never have fresh lemons at home, just lemon juice in the fridge. Bad foodie!  : )

Oh, I also need to get kitchen twine for next time, to tie the legs of the hen together while it cooks. I think I will be definitely more of a 'foodie' once my kitchen has both twine for cooking and cheese cloth for straining various things. I keep seeing those in recipes and I still have never gotten them. New plan, get those too at some point and then use them in a recipe!

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