Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 2 - I won the battle!

Tuesday night dinner went great!

Maybe it was because of how easy the plan for dinner was? I think that had a lot to do with it, but I am making dinner here to be easy, at a low cost but to also taste amazing! Too difficult? I hope not, I am here trying to figure that out. My hope is I will triumph and succeed. Post your favorite easy burger meal in the comments.

I had bought on sale at our local grocery store 12 turkey burgers for $6.99!
My husband and I still had about 6 of them left in the freezer. I had remembered during our trip to the grocery store the weekend before to add hamburger buns to my list or we would never get around to eating the last of these. After 6-10min on the grill (YOU CAN COOK THEM FROZEN!) they were ready.

My husband seasoned the burgers with some steak seasoning, super good if you have some. Otherwise a little salt and pepper works too.

While the burgers were on the grill, I whipped up some yams (a.k.a sweet potatoes) in the microwave. Only takes 9 minutes to cook two yams. You just cut 1/2 an inch off each end, the tips of the yam and then poke holes into the skin all over with a fork. You don't need to pierce the flesh of the yam, they are quite hard, but just the skin. Then place them in the microwave for 9 minutes. Depending on the size, if you have a small yam try 5 minutes first then pierce with a knife to see if it is soft all the way through.You can easily cut the yam in half after letting them cool a bit, plate will be hot too be careful removing from the microwave! Then I just scoop out the inside, the skin peels away very easily, then mash up with some butter. No need to add anything but some people like to put a little salt on top.

Other times when we are not dying from it being so warm in our apartment in the summer, I make sweet potato fries. You take a yam that is fairly straight and large in the middle. Cut in half, then make slices. Once you have a slice laying flat on the cutting board cut your strips of fries out. If they are too long, then cut in half. Toss in a bowl with olive oil and salt and pepper before placing on the baking sheet. You might want to put foil down first. Turn once during cooking. Cook at 425F in the oven for about 20-30min. They don't get very crispy but are very good. Something I am going to try and perfect, they are not deep fried but how do I get them more crispy from just baking them?

We didn't have a veggie salad with dinner this time, instead I took a few grapes, blueberries, and half an apple and made a fruit salad to complete our dinner.

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