Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another not home cooked meal, but I went to the movies instead........I need to go to the grocery store!

So, I worked late last night and was picked up by my husband and taken straight to the mall to see a movie at 6:30pm. What to do about dinner? We did not stop by the house to eat before we went to the movie. The mall has a food court. We ended up stopping there. I am not a very adventurous food court person, shortest line at a place I know I have eaten at before and liked, is where you will find me. If I had the time to explore, I would try some of the new places. I really like fresh tacos, the kind with veggies in them rather than just meat and cheese. There are a bunch of new food choices in our food court and since I don't often go to the mall (I am a consignment/thrift store shopper) I don't try them. I think the next time I go I will try something new. We now have a Mongolian grill, an Indian grill, tacos, and I don't remember the rest. They all looked super good too. Lots of cut up good looking veggies etc. I can't lie, I love me some fresh raw veggies. Fruit is also good.

I want a fruit bowl for breakfast now......going back to needing to go shopping at the grocery store. Tomorrow is the plan for that, what to do in the mean time? Go eat with your family at THEIR house!
That is what we are going to do tonight. I am super excited, we are getting served seafood paella. I had NO idea what that was.

I looked it up online and was like, yes please! I like seafood and will update later on how it was made and if it tasted good or not. I am sure it will, the aunt in this family is a 'foodie'. She loves to cook.

While I enjoy cooking right now, I don't think in two weeks I have transformed into a person yet that L-O-V-E-S. to cook. One day is the hope when I have really started to make good food taste amazing.

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