Friday, August 30, 2013

Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups, Do This With A Helper

I used the recipe found here. I liked the pictures, they were really helpful so I remembered which step went first. Note that this dish takes a long time just to get into the oven. That is why I recommended having a helper to assist in coordinating the cooking. I had to grill two chicken breasts, fry up chunks of bacon, with red onion and garlic. Then also cook up lasagna noodles. After all that, still mix up the cheeses for the filling. Time consuming but hopefully when it all gets eaten tonight it will end well!

Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups Prep Time: 30min Cook Time: 23-30min Cleaning Time: forever! (j/k)
A box of lasagna pasta (cook it for 8minutes then drain and lay out on towels to get rid of excess water) 
1 pound of bacon, diced
1 red onion
3 cloves of garlic
2 chicken breasts, shredded after cooking 
1 jar of alfredo sauce 
1 small package of shredded mozzarella (sprinkled on top at the end)
1 small tub of grated parmesan (used inside the roll ups and sprinkled on top)
1cup ricotta cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
6 oz cream cheese
2 tsp onion powder
salt and pepper 
1. While the chicken is cooking, fry up your bacon (I tore mine into pieces before cooking but you could do it after as well) Add the red onion and garlic just before the bacon is done cooking. Lay the bacon/onion/garlic mix onto paper towels to get rid of excess grease. 
2. Cook lasagna noodles for 8 minutes and shred your chicken when it has finished cooking and preferably cooled. 
3.  When you have drained your lasagna noodles and rinsed with cool water so they can be handled, lay out on kitchen towels for filling. 
4. Mix your cheese filling into a bowl: ricotta cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, onion powder and salt&pepper. 
5. Spread the cheese filling onto each noddle
6. Add shredded chicken and bacon mix onto of cheese filling. Then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese on top.
7. Spread the bottom of your baking dish with Alfredo sauce.
8. Lay the rolled up noodles into the baking dish with the edge side down to hold the roll in place. 
9. Once you have filled your baking pan with rolls of lasagna top the rolls with the rest of the alfredo sauce. 
10. Sprinkle with the mozzarella cheese and Parmesan. 
11. Top with leftover bacon pieces if you would like as well. I didn't do this step. All my bacon went inside the rolls!
12. Bake at 350F for 25-30min
13. Mine was refrigerated overnight to be cooked the next day. Allow more time for the dish to heat up in the oven if taken right out of the fridge. 
So, my kitchen counters were covered with dishes from the various steps of this cooking process. I had shredded chicken, bacon mix, cheese bowl, baking dish, towels spread out on the counters covered in messy noodles and cheese. It was fun and a little stressful due to the fact my kitchen is so tiny. It works though! I was able to clean all the dishes as I went. Including emptying the dishwasher and then refilling it. There were no dirty dishes in my sink this morning and the counters were all cleaned up. I did have a few pots that I left on the stove to dry (I ran out of clean kitchen towels!). I think this dish will be a success. I am not fond of Alfredo sauce so I will see if I find it yummy anyway with all the different cheeses mixed in.

There is always the backup of ordering take out or pizza instead. My fingers are crossed. I wish I baked it last night so I could try one before hand and then just reheat it but oh well. I will take a risk. Let you know tomorrow if everyone liked it or not. 

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