Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steak with salad tonight

So, I forgot I was planning on making chicken tortilla soup today in the crock pot. So, this morning I left without enough time to throw everything together. Instead tonight will be steak cooked on the grill and spinach salad with red peppers and carrots on top. Simple and still delicious. I may even make a side dish of rice to go with it.

Thursday night will be chicken tortilla soup. I will remember to put all of that together on Thursday morning this time!

Friday night is going to be chicken lasagna roll ups. The recipes and images I have been looking at make me want to make it right now! I will share that recipe soon along with how it turned out later this weekend. Hopefully no disasters like meatloaf muffin tin day. I don't like ricotta cheese though and usually when I make lasagna I don't add it in with the other cheeses. For the lasagna roll ups though I will try it since it will be a very thin layer mixed with cream cheese and I don't think it would taste very good with only cream cheese in the lasagna noddles. Icky! 

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