Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foods I love now but hated as a kid.........can you believe chocolate is on that list?!

A favorite blog of mine to read gave me the idea to come up with this list.

1. Green beans
2. Chocolate (I know hard to believe!)
3. Strawberry ice cream
4. Powdered donuts
5. Ribs

It was difficult for me to even come up with 5! I guess I would eat about anything. I may remember more at another time.

I had a chocolate craving last night!

So, I tried to make diabetes friendly chocolate brownies. They were good, except for the fact I used a lot of dark chocolate powder instead of milk chocolate powder and they didn't taste very chocolaty. I used TOO much dark chocolate powder. If I made homemade vanilla ice cream to go with them it would have been perfect, instead I used leftover homemade whip cream as the topping and that made it much better. Once I try making it again and it tastes better I will post it here.

A hint though, I used non-fat Greek yogurt, a small amount of cream cheese and stevia sugar substitute along with flour as the main ingredients. I just went with it. Threw everything into a bowl using a recipe online as a guide but they didn't use any of those ingredients. I may become a 'foodie' at some point yet.

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