Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cooking at Home Leads to the Inevitable Messy Kitchen and Dirty Dishes

So, I am coming up with a new rule for myself. Dishes are to be done after dinner is over and before I allow myself to relax and not move from the couch. I will try my best. The reason for this decision is that I inevitably end up waking up in the morning to a dirty kitchen and sink which I hate very much. It gets in the way of getting the next dinners meal ready. An easy cure for this mess is to just clean it up before I go to bed. Or train my cat to clean the kitchen while I am sleeping.

Problems that usually arise when wanting to clean the kitchen:
1. Dishwasher is still full of clean dishes. They are still wet!
2. The spot on the counter for the wet dishes to dry off, is still full of clean dry dishes that need to be put away.
3. Most times the dirty dishes are big pots and pans that need to soak for a bit before washing.

There are too many steps to get a dish clean these days. I want my life to be like star trek. A computer  deposits my food or beverage before me and I return the dirty dish back to the same area where it came from, and it disappears! Voila!

When is the next genius going to discover how to do that? I am tired of waiting, I want it to be during my life time! No waste! All sustainable and earth friendly right? It should definitely be a priority.

Tonight is going to be finish cleaning up the dirty dishes in the sink first. (There is not that many and my kitchen is not that messy, I just don't like to do it! I am sure most people agree.)

Then once I have done the work I don't like, I will prep the chicken lasagna rolls ups for Friday nights dinner. A friend of mine is having a birthday coming up and we are getting together to celebrate. Not at my place so all the mess will be at their house!

And then, cleaning dishes again but then I will be done until breakfast on Saturday morning. Booo. 
I think recipes need to start adding "clean up" time to them. I never would have tried to make a meatloaf in a muffin tin if it said the clean up afterwards would take days. Days for me since I just kept soaking the muffin tin over and oven again till everything just rinsed away. I am not a good scrubber. I have learned to accept that about myself.

I think I have just gotten really lazy since getting a dishwasher in my apartment. Growing up my whole life I never had one. My two hands or my mom's two hands were the dish washer. Now it's like I can't clean anything unless it going through the damn machine. 
: ) 

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