Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chicken Tacos

So, I haven't taken the plunge yet at making fancy alternative tacos with ingredients like squash or cherries. Instead I made plain ole delicious chicken tacos. Very tasty and I really enjoy the easy and quick part.

I just took two chicken breasts and cooked them on the stove in a large covered skillet on medium heat. Simmered and flipped a few times. Once the chicken was cooked almost through I removed it and cut the chicken into pieces on top of a cutting board. I find it a lot easier to cut the chicken after it has been cooked.

Once cut to small pieces I returned the chicken to the same skillet and added a packet of taco seasoning and a 2/3 cup of water. While the chicken simmers for another 5 minutes I shredded some cheese and cut up some radishes and made a side salad.

Kyle and I tried a new brand of salsa as a sample in our grocery store and I have been waiting to try it again.

The chicken turned out tasting great! Two tacos with a small salad and I was super full! No room even for chocolate chip cookies.

Nothing wrong with a taco night. I need to learn how to make Spanish rice so next time I can serve it as a side dish to the tacos. I have only ever made it from a box before and it didn't taste very good. I am eager to try making my own version.  I am planning on trying to make french onion soup tonight with my raw berry pie mentioned on a previous post. I will update tomorrow how it turns out. Kyle's favorite soup is french onion so I am trying my fist attempt at making it here rather than only eating it in restaurants.

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