Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sorry, dental pain left me not in good spirits to update

I haven't updated this weekend yet and I apologize. I should have time tonight to update with all the delicious recipes I made the past few days. A few are from my husband and I shall let him guest post for me on how he made sausage rolls (great appetizer!) and his moose meatballs for spaghetti night.

I over the weekend made Shrimp Scampi and Chicken Marsala. Both were amazingly delicious, quick to prepare and clean up.

I did buy fresh shrimp and I will try this dish also with frozen to see if it tastes the same, sometimes the frozen shrimp is cheaper at the grocery store then the fresh seafood section. I was able to buy mine at $10.58/lb and only bought 1 lb. My husband wanted 2lbs so then we could have extra to cook on the grill. I will know to do this next time.

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