Saturday, September 28, 2013

Appetizer Plate- I have been actually cooking I promise

I have been busy these past two weeks enjoying celebrating my recent marriage to my husband with family and friends. I have been cooking some new dishes during that time and I remembered to take some pictures along the way. Soon I will update with new recipes. For now, I have my favorite pairing for a game night at our home. Wine and cheese! Since most of my gifts were new kitchen cookware I have been eagerly been using them. But included in that were amazing wine glasses which in my whole life I have never owned really good wine glasses. The ones without stems or taken from a garage sale and never used don't count. Since it was only in the past two years I got a palate for wine it make sense now to have the whole set of glasses for the different kinds. It's kind of awesome but now I need to use them! 

So, the give a little idea of what I pair with the wine for a little bite to eat before playing games I took the picture below. I usually pick up two special fancy cheeses from the store and then can add a brie or a regular cheddar and some fig or other kind of jam. Olives or those little pickles are good as well and you can either go the cracker route or use a small baguette sliced up. Very yummy and I also will add a small bowl of nuts, either almonds, hazelnuts or cashews depending on the night. 

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