Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moose Meatballs

So I am going to be a special guest contributor!  Who am I?  I am referred to in all of Fulfilling's posts as 'the husband'.  My name however, is Kyle (thank you very much!).

Moose Meatballs.  Yeah, I said it.  Moose....Meatballs.  A little strange sounding at first but moose can bring a surprisingly full and robust flavor to a bowl of spaghetti.  Technically moose is Venison because Moose are Deer (no really! Trust me!).  Furthermore, moose cannot be commercially sold.  See this explanation

First of all, getting moose.  I was lucky in that my father went on a moose hunt this year and was successful.  As such he has been generous with sharing the moose.  Particularly the ground moose.  Now ground moose gets cut with a tiny bit of pork and a tiny bit of beef.  But not the meat, the fat.  You see, Moose is an incredibly lean red meat.  This means it will cook fast like Bison or Lamb.  See what the University of Nebraska has to say about Game Meat.  So note, this can cook and burn fast.

Ground Moose
Olive Oil (or other oil)

First get your moose formed into balls.  Smaller are generally better.  You technically could pull off the single large meatball like people can do with Beef, but if its your first time, don't get crazy.  They should be around the diameter of a quarter to a silver dollar in the USA. 

Then get your pan hot.  Our stove goes from 1 to 10, I cooked them on a 6.  Pour in some olive oil.  Here I say some because simply put, I tend to cook by feeling rather than exact measurements (I'm lazy that way).  However from the spout of our pour bottle, I held it a good 4 seconds, so I would guess 1-2 tablespoons.  With it being lean, if you put too little it will burn and stick. 

Then spread in your seasoning above.  Now you can mix them into your moose meatballs, but I did not.  Not because of any reason, just did not think about it.

Cook until desired temperature.  I don't cook them to less than medium and they still taste great.

When done serve with your favorite pasta and sauce! 


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