Monday, September 16, 2013

I Have Not Taken A Vacation From Cooking

I just took a vacation from going to the grocery store! My husband and I have yet to plan out the meals for this week. We might be going tonight or tomorrow to the store so I have some time still, right?

The past week has been a flurry of activity since we are celebrating our recent marriage with friends and family this coming Saturday. I have been busy running circles in my apartment getting all the little details together, which in the end don't really amount to much other than a pretty moment. Pinterest, I curse you. lol

Kyle has been a really good sport about it all so far and my cat has been highly interested in all the piles of decoration crafts I have on the table. Bad combo, my fingers are crossed when away at work he behaves!

I have been cooking though! I made food and took pictures but have just gotten crazy busy to write it up and post them yet. I think after this saturday regular posting will continue again. I think regular life will continue then as well. I have not gone out to eat! That has been a triumph especially because our use to be favorite is Saturday and Sunday morning brunches out at cute little cafes around town. I just had to start making cute little brunches at home from food I got at the store instead. So far so good.

I may also have been catching up on season 2 of Rome while sitting on the couch a bunch as well. Just got it from the library and every free relaxing moment has been doing that.

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