Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Greek Food Festival


Our town has a Greek food festival every September and I absolutely love it. The weather is usually always good and it spans over 4 days. You pay money for tokens and then use the tokens to try all the delicious Greek food. It has savory dinners, and yummy desserts. My favorite desserts use to be baklava of course and also the fried donuts covered in honey. The bees loved that one too!

I am going with my husband again this year and we always are looking forward to it when the banners go up on the streets to remind us. I will take pictures of the food we try this time and post them here. We will hopefully go tomorrow night for our dinner.

There is a Mediterranean deli/food store nearby that sells all the needed ingredients to make the food we will try at the festival. My hope is to learn how to make our favorites so we can enjoy them more than just once a year!

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